Humane eggs/dairy/meat near Fall River, Mass?
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What are the some places to buy lovingly and humanely raised eggs, dairy and meat near Fall River, Massachusetts?

Anything around Swansea? Providence? Westport? New Bedford? Taunton? Boston isn't as easy to reach.
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If Whole Foods isn't out of the question, there are a few in Providence.
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Is there an active Craigslist nearby? Sometimes you can find eggs in the farm & garden section if you do a search for "eggs."
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Fertile Underground in Providence sells a selection of local meats and eggs, as well as Rhody Fresh milk Narragansett Creamery cheeses and yogurts (these dairy products are readily available in most RI Whole Foods).

There's another, newer natural grocer in Providence that I've never been to, Willy's Local Foods.

There's a winter's farmer's market in Pawtucket on Saturdays.
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For milk and (non-ultra pasteurized) heavy cream I like to go to Arruda's Dairy which is just a few minutes over the line into Tiverton on Stafford Road. I'm not sure what your standards are for "lovingly", but it's a small family-operated farm that doesn't use growth hormones.

Of course, the coffee milk is so good I might still go there even if they waterboarded the cows so YMMV.
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Eat Wild can help you search in your area.
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Lee's Market in Weatport has local eggs and cheese and some humane meats.
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Response by poster: Thanks, many options to explore. I think I'll start with looking for Copicut at Lee's (and is showing some egg options as well.) From Eat wild, it looks like SE Mass and RI have some farms raising beef and lamb.
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