Where can I find a good quality pencil case?
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I love using pencils. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a slim, durable case to store them in, without having their sharp points either poke through or break off completely. Can anyone help me a find a good quality pencil case? I've already gone through dozens of the cheap, zippered plastic kind, only to have my pencils puncture through them, and leave a mess of gray scribbles. I'm a student, and currently use a medium-sized leather tote bag to carry my stuff around, so something that's not too big and clunky is preferable. Thanks to everyone in advance!
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An eyeglass case? I store mine in a hard plastic case from a DIMM I bought online a few years ago.
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Best answer: get a dowel of some sort that is longer than your longest pencil. Put a rubber band or two around your pencils and the dowel. This will preserve the points and you can put the pencils anywhere you want pretty much. I used to do this with my artist's paintbrushes iirc.
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Mechanical pencils + pocket protector, maybe?
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Go to an art supply store: they'll have tons of hard cases for pencils.
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(single) cigar tube? I like mechanical drafting pencils for this reason, although I rarely prefer pencils to pens these days.
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LA has a decent-sized Chinatown (or the next time you're in San Fran). Go to the bookstores or music stores there. There should be a wide selection of cases.

However, many of them will run on the "cutesey" but you should be able to find some plain-er aluminum cases.

If you don't like the clanking, you can find some foam - cut a piece out to fit inside the case, and cut slots for the pencils.
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I've seen the rectangular aluminum cases at office supply stores and 99 cent stores.
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A leather case like this one should be tough enough to keep the points from going through, and soft enough to prevent the points from breaking.
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Why not get a metal tin like this? You can fill it with your own pencils if you need to.
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Any reason you wouldn't just put a pen cap over the end?
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Who knew that there were so many funky pencil cases in the world? Thanks for posting the question.

The Babu, Aluminum, MOMA, Dick Blick, Horchow, Haba Shuttle, Coffin, 60's Moppets, leather, Burberry, Betty Boop, Calfskin, Piquadro, Parapet...awesome...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the fantastic answers everyone (and the effort, jeanmari;-)
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You might enjoy A Pencil Revolution a blog dedicated to pencils.
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Pocket Protector's are the way to go. Really.

Don't screw around with anything but the finest!
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I use the metal cases Rotring Artpens come in. Perfect for 3-4 pencils, pens and even small brushes. Great for trips.
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Best answer: Secure the tips in cork, foam, or styrofoam. A soft sponge might even work. You should be able to cut it to fit an existing pencil case.
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