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Help me find this book series I loved as a kid. It documented the anthropomorphized life of assorted woodland creatures. Not fantasy, exactly, just woodland creatures doing woodland things. Nothing like Redwall. They were "chapter books," and I remember their covers being green. There were a lot of them- I want to say a dozen? One story-line revolved around a family of beavers. Any ideas, hive mind?
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Could they have been children's books by Thornton Burgess?
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Could they have been some of the Thornton Burgess novels published as part of the Dover Children's Thift Series? There's one titled The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver.
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It sounds a little bit like Sam Pig?
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One of the Colin Thompson Wild Stories books?

I learn from the introduction that it was first published in the UK in 1993 as Sid the Mosquito & Other Wild Stories, then a second book was published in 1995 as Attila the Bluebottle & More Wild Stories, then a third in 1996 called Venus the Caterpillar & Further Wild Stories. Published in one volume in the US as Wild Stories in the Oughts.
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The Brambly Hedge books? Though I don't know that they'd count as chapter books unless you had several bound together in a collection...
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The Thornton Burgess books fit the closest, I think it must have been one or more of them. I haven't found any covers or passages that give me a definite ping of recognition, but I'm pretty sure.


(P.S many of his books are on Project Gutenburg)
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