Great Saturday brunch in Washington, D.C.?
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Just looking for great brunch recommendations in Washington, D.C. Having drinks is a plus but bottomless isn't important.
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I liked Founding Farmers when I was down in DC, can get a bit crowded though.
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What neighborhood?
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Ted's Bulletin does a good job. It's popular though. There are 2 of them in DC, Capitol Hill and 14th Street.
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Ted's is great for brunch. Tabard Inn is a classic choice with fantastic food and drink, and apparently the quality has not suffered too much in the wake of all the weirdness with the owners there. Graffiato also has some good things on offer.
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Tabard Inn is my favorite DC brunch, hands down. I also enjoy Vinoteca and Busboys and Poets, where I get brunch about once a week.
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All good suggestions. I'd add Firefly and The Heights.
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Martin's Tavern in Georgetown. You just cannot go wrong there - great food, drinks, atmosphere and history but not touristy at all.
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I really like The Diner in Adams Morgan. There's almost always a wait during peak times, but it tends to move quickly, and the food is delicious. They're open 24 hours a day and have a full bar, though I've never had a drink there.

There is also a pretty neat used bookstore called Idle Time Books right next door that you can check out while you wait.
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You're probably aware that DC is a big brunch town. Basically everyplace does a brunch, and they will all be packed. "One does not simply walk into a DC brunch." Go as early as you can scrape your group together, most don't do reservations or seat partial parties. Some are absolutely not worth the wait. The Coupe and Open City fall into that category for me.

I like the Wonderland Ballroom & Red Derby. They're more on the dive spectrum than other brunch places, but also less packed.

If a dive isn't going to jive with your group (e.g. your parents are in town), The Heights is a traditional choice. Middle of the road food and service and price. Non-crazy waits.
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As others have mentioned DC is big on brunch. There are even some ladies that have been doing DC brunch reviews for a while now. Bitches Who Brunch.
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