Help me find a Keynote Theme
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Since Apple has thrice redone the way it stores keynote themes, my absolute favorite (that I purchased from who knows where) was therefore erased during an OS or Keynote upgrade. The main draw of the template was that certain slides were paired together, so that when they "slid" from one to the other, it looked s if you were exploring a huge slide, one piece at a time. All I remember is that it was mostly gray, and the Titles were about 3/4 of the way down the page. One might be a striped metallic bar with a rounded corner on its left end. The next slide would have the title at the same spot, but coming put of the other side, with the rounded corner on the right.

That is to say, the main draw of this theme wasn't the spectacular backgrounds or pictures, but the way that the slides worked together. One thought could span several slides, and the connectedness of the slides was brilliant.
i probably bought this for the first or second version of keynote, so it's been a while since I saw it.
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Do you have any Time Machine backups? Perhaps you could use it to go back to some period of time when your computer still had the theme installed, in order to retrieve it.
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I don't have a backup that goes that far back. Time machine wasn't around, and I was backing up to firewire drives, which no longer plug into my Mac.

What I'm thinking of is sort of like:

but with more picture cutouts, not as variant transitions, etc.
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Keynote theme park has some themes which give the illusion of continuity across transitions.
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