Blood draw labs across the country?
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My googling is failing me, so I am hoping for your help! A project I am working on requires some type of national laboratory facility where participants can walk in, get a blood sample, and mail a self-contained iced blood kit in the mail back to us. We are trying to work with Quest Diagnostics, but have hit a snafu. Are there other ubiquitous labs (or even mobile lab services) that work in various cities all across the US?
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LabCorp is another fairly ubiquitous chain of labs.
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Came to say LabCorp too.
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This is maybe not helpful, but I work remotely for a company that has annual health screenings for insurance and their lab sent me an at-home, self draw kit, similar to the one in this video with alcohol swabs, lancets, and a SASE for quick return. Maybe this would be a good workaround in case some people don't live near a lab?
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Yeah LabCorp. Or ICON, PPD, Covance, or Quintiles. Any CRO will run central lab testing for you. I have had a bad experience with Parexel but that might just be me.
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Thanks all, these are helpful! Methodically going through them all now....
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Be aware that some LabCorp are fairly closely integrated with a hospital or other medical facility. I send people to LabCorp pretty regularly, but ran into one that operated on some kind of capitation set up (or something) and had fits about drawing my patient.

Most of them have been great though.
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Just an update, seems like we are moving forward with Quest. LabCorp never got back to me! Thanks all!
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