I'm a guy. My hair is getting longer, and it's windy. Help!
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I'm a mid-20's guy who often gets told that I look better with longer hair. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at styling so I usually stick with shorter lengths. Lately, I've been trying to grow the 'do out a bit. Although I am able to leave the house looking alright, if the wind is blowing I am liable to end up looking like a crazy person within moments. Please share with me advice on how to tame my hair into submission!

My hair's around 5-6 inches right now, and I haven't had it cut since early November. So I guess it's medium-long at this point.

My hair gets wavy when it is longer. Also, it has a bunch of weird parts, which is not a problem when my hair is short. But as my hair grows, there is a clump of hair to the lower left that looks out of place no matter which way I part it (For what it's worth, I usually part to the left). I've tried going for more of an 'unkempt' look, which sometimes works out but more often than not looks ridiculous from the sides.

After some work I'm usually able to get my hair looking decent before I go out. But if any wind is blowing, my hair can go every which way which doesn't look great to say the least. I've tried some different products - American crew, etc. - but even when I purposely overdo it the hair doesn't seem to want to stay in place (and it looks bad with too much product in any case).

I'd appreciate some advice on this. What kind of product could I use to keep my hair looking natural yet okay when it's windy out? I'd like to find a balance between looking like I spent too much time on my hair and looking like a serial killer. Side question: Is it a good idea to get haircuts every couple of months for maintenance even if you are going for a longer haircut? Thanks in advance!

(I could put some more info or pictures of my hair up in a future post if that would help.)
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Sorry, man. I'm growing my hair to my shoulders right now, and the only thing I can tell you is that this is the dreaded AWKWARD STAGE, where you just have to kind of deal with it.

A hat is best for windy days, like a beanie or a knit hat. It holds your hair down in the wind, and it can flatten your hair a bit, which gets rid of those dreaded curlies where the rest of your hair is straight.

Also, use quite a bit less product than you usually do as your hair grows. Your hair starts to get weight as it gets longer, so product can just become crunchy and useless, depending on how long you want to grow it.
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A picture would help, yeah, and also maybe a picture of someone with hair you're aiming for, too. Depending on the texture and fullness of your hair and your goals different tricks and products will work better.

I think the main thing to keep in mind though is that everybody's hair gets messy in the wind! What you'll need to develop is a little routine for getting it back into order once you've reached your destination. That might be as simple as running your hands through it in a specific way, or bringing a certain type of comb with you, or clipping it back while it's windy and then unclipping once you've shown up. Most likely though you're just overthinking this. I bet either your hair looks pretty great and you don't know it, or that you're just having an awkward grow out period and it will fall nicely once it has a little more weight. You'll get better at putting it to rights with practice.
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Wear a hat.
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Seconding a hat, though you have to watch out for the weird flattening and misshaping that a hat can inflict. You can get good at gently ruffling up your hair with your hands afterwards to deal with this though.
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Definitely get trims even while you're growing it out. Your hair can grow unevenly, and in general a tiny trim helps make it look more deliberate (and less unkempt) even if it's messy.

A tiny bit of hairspray works wonders. Don't shellac it but a few spritzes help far more than just pomade.

Which American Crew product are you using? There are different formulations.
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Agreeing on just combing or brushing it when you get where you're going.
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I'm a woman with short hair and this is definitely just a thing that happens when your hair is longer than super short but shorter than ponytail length.

I hate it when I can feel my hair sticking up every which way because of the wind! But I don't know that there's a solution while you're outside.

As far as products go, I use a pea-sized amount of this Aveda Men's Grooming Cream on my hair after it's dry. I find it stays pliable, so after getting inside from the windy outdoors I can just ruffle my hair back into place with my fingers (no comb or brush needed) and it's all good.
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Definitely trimming it every few months. That will keep it more intentional looking and put together and less "RAHHH hermit in the woods".
If you are cool with putting it in a bun or ponytail in route to your destination, hair ties made of foldover elastic are less likely to leave weird dents in your hair when you take them out (vs these). You can make these at home yourself for way cheaper than in stores (and choose your ideal colors too).
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