Looking for 2014 diary
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My great grandfather kept a diary in 1914. I want an unlined diary of comparable size and appearance for 2014. (see picture link)

I plan to do a blog/book with each day of the year, a century apart, by him and myself (I've been writing for the days so far on squares of comparable size on notebook paper, to be filled in when I can find this thing).

This is his diary.

What I'm looking for is something approximately the same size and similar in every other way (minus the "Lest We Forget" printed on each page). Everything I've found has lines, calendars, or pictures of flowers and such on it.
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Can you provide us the dimensions?
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Response by poster: 3"x4"
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From the picture, it looks like someone cut the bottom off of a 'pocket' sized moleskine journal.

That square size of notebook is fairly unusual I think.

Instead of hunting for something like that to already exist, you might be better off going to somewhere like etsy.com and getting one commissioned. The paper-crafters there are usually quite reasonable, and having one commissioned means you can get exactly the dimensions and kind of paper you want.

Also you'll probably have a studier binding than you would a shop bought product.

Good luck.
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I think you are going to be very hard pressed to find something that mimics his journal. A glance through google images for "pocket journal" might be a faster way to both narrow down your choices and manage your own expectations as to what is out there.

Agree with Faintdreams that they best way to go for complete accuracy would be to have someone make this journal for you, to your specifications.

It might be a wee bit more expensive, but you would have exactly what you want for your project as opposed to something you settled for.

And, you'd have someone who could make you one for 2015 as it approaches :)
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As a note on the dimensions, A7 is 74 x 105 mm/2.9 x 4.1 in. There are plenty of A7 page-a-day diaries out there, but I haven't turned up an unlined one.
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Scully Leather sells 2.75 x 4.375 blank notebooks with leather covers (no date at the top).
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Are there any markings on the front or the back of the journal?

I would try Letts of London, they have been around since 1812.

I would call them, since they seem to have Canadian, American and UK distributors, and everyone has different inventory.

ph#0131 654 7695

USA: Tel (888) 248-4342
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It's not square and it doesn't have dates on top, but Leuchtturm sells plain A7 notebooks. They come with an index page and page numbers. If you poke around the Leuchtturm website you can find leather-bound pocket notebooks.
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Moleskin has a wide variety of lined and unlined journals, and calenders. Check out the plain unlined notebooks These calenders are lined, unfortunately. A custom printed may be able to make one for you.
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Unless you can find an old blank memo book -- vintage diaries are the appropriate size, but they're usually lined -- I'd say go with an Etsy commission or a local book-artist. The advantage of going local would be that it's easier for the printer/binder to make something comparable.
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