I can't believe I'm wasting an Ask on a computer problem
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Why am I getting an error for certain secure sites, only from my home router?

Starting yesterday, I believe, when I tried to access hotmail or Facebook my browser wouldn't let me. It gives a Norton ConnectSafe warning page, and says "Malicious website blocked!


This website may be dangerous, and it is recommended that you do not continue. For your protection, this site has been blocked.

This detailed report explains the security risks on this site".

When I click on the detailed report, it says the site is safe. From what I can gather, certain secure sites are actually trying to access search.dnsadvantage.com. I tried on my work Mac and the same error happened, but only while I was on my home wifi. When I click, "i want to visit the site anyway", it doesn't let me and I then get an error from Chrome that says the same thing, and clues me into the search.dnsadvantage.com thing.

I do not have any toolbars installed. I've run a malware search and my Avast is up to date. I have googled for info, but all I can tell is that dnsadvantage is a recursive dns site and not a virus or something. I assume the problem has to do with my router, since the error only occurs at home, and the ConnectSafe warning also has the Belkin logo, which is the brand of my router.

I feel so dumb for not figuring this out, please hope me!
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Could it be your ISP? Perhaps they have installed something recently? What DNS ip's are you using (ipconfig, or ifconfig, depending on platform)?
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My first thought is a misconfigured or compromised router. I'd do a factory reset on the router, change the passwords from the defaults, and then see if you have the same issue.
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Okay first of all, I'm apparently way dumber about computers than I thought because I have no idea what DNS ip I'm using! I did press the reset button on the router earlier and it did not help, but I will do it again and change the password.

Also, because it wasn't clear above, my home computer is a PC but my work laptop is a Mac, and this problem is on both. My phone also can't access Facebook or hotmail when I'm on wifi but can on 3g, which further cements everyone's theories thus far. Thank you!
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Woohoo! It appears to be working, thank you!!
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If resetting your router and changing the password worked (when resetting it and not changing the password didn't work before), I would change all your other passwords online, and keep an eye on your bank balances for the next few months to make sure that any accounts you've done online banking with don't have any transactions you don't recognize. Better safe than sorry.
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And check to see if there's any firmware updates for your router and get them applied ASAP.
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It gives a Norton ConnectSafe warning page, and says "Malicious website blocked!


This website may be dangerous, and it is recommended that you do not continue. For your protection, this site has been blocked.

Basically you've been redirected to a site that represents itself as hotmail, but is not hotmail. This is really bad, for obvious reasons. Run a malware scan on your pc (just use microsoft's), and update the firmware on your router.
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Okay sorry if I'm not supposed to do this, but now our debit card has been hacked. Does this mean someone got onto our network and stole our bank info, or someone stole the bank info and then hacked our network? Or are they not related?! Now I'm creeped out!
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When you go to a website that isn't what it says it is, and put in your password, then whoever is running the forged website has your password. Which means they can login in to your hotmail account and start resetting your passwords for every account you signed up for with hotmail.

So basically you need to change all the passwords for every site you've ever signed up for, starting with Hotmail.

People don't make viruses for giggles. They do it to steal from you.
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Probably someone hacked your network and then hacked your bank. They used an exploit or ran the default passwords. Go to a friend's house and change all your passwords from there. And then buy a new router.
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