Help me find more shirts like this
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The style of blouse that the woman is wearing in this stock photo looks very flattering on me. I have one blouse like that, but I'd like to buy more. What search terms can I use to find them, or what stores should I check out?
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I think you are looking for a blouse with a smocked waist.
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What exactly do you like? The princess seams, ruching, puff sleeves or the deep v-neck?
Here is a blouse that gives off a similar vibe, a bit simpler, at Sears. Here is one at eshakti.
Clothes that are cinched in at the waist (seams, darts, smocking etc.) will help create that hourglass shape. Vertical ruching at the bust contributes to the illusion of pronounced curves. Puffy sleeves add volume at the shoulders and can either overwhelm or help balance out the shoulder-hip-ratio. A v-neck can help elongate the upper body.
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I seem to recall New York & Company carrying a lot of button-downs like that one.
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Response by poster: travelwithcats, the main detail I'm interested in is the gathered waist -- though I like the whole style. The ones you posted are along the right lines.
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That's not smocking. Smocking is this.

Use terms like empire waist, darts and gored to get what you're looking for.
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I was also going to say NY&C - I have basically the exact shirt you linked to, and it's from there - but looking at their website, there are a lot of fitted button-downs but not with that gathered detail. I would've also said The Limited or Banana Republic, but again, I don't see anything there matching your description. It's possible they're just not really a thing right now - I bought mine probably four or five years ago.

You might try eBay. A search for "ruched button down" yields a few things that look similar, like this and this and this. "Gathered button down" also finds some stuff.
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That's not smocking.

Right, it's not. That effect can be achieved with a couple of narrow bands of shirring, similar to what was done with this blouse.
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