DIY Carousel: Design Schematics
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Where might one find a relatively modern build plan for a traditional carousel (a merry-go-round with galloping up-and-down action)?
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You hire a mechanical engineer to design it for you. That's a non-trivial design, and there are safety concerns as well.
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Considering that a commercial carousel starts at over $500k, this is not a simple DIY project.
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I think maybe you need to clarify for us what you're trying to accomplish: Are you trying to understand how carousels work? Build something for your back yard or Burning Man? Start up industrial carousel manufacturing?

I agree with the folks above: Building a commercial carnival ride is beset with all sorts of regulatory and liability and safety issues. You're not going to buy plans off-the-shelf. But if you want to braze something together out of old bicycle frames, well...
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Response by poster: To clarify: I'd just like to take a close look at the mechanics and see if the parts/construction might be manageably scaled down as essentially a backyard proof of concept.
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I can give you the answer to your question: "No".
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It seems to me like the mechanisms you'd use to provide the up-and-down action are either an offset crank, or an undulating track, and beyond that the details are specific to the materials you're good at doing fabrication in.

Might be worth digging through Google patents search for "carousel" and similar, as that'll get you all sorts of drawings and information on how people have implemented these things over the years in a variety of different materials.
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