This ball of twine is your life.
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I remember reading a short story or folk tale about a man who had a ball of string. Whenever something boring was happening, he could just pull out some of the string and fast forward to the more interesting parts of his life. I read it around 1991, and it may have been Isaac Singer. Does anyone have a source for this tale?
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Best answer: Could it have been "The Magic Thread"? (Answer found here.)
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Response by poster: It would appear there are multiple versions floating about, but I like the one where the holder of the magic thread doesn't get a second chance! I'm also hoping for a version that precedes William Bennet's use in the book of "virtues." Thanks.
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Response by poster: Here's a version from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.
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Response by poster: Metafilter: It's the magic thread.
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Best answer: On subsequent searching, I found this:
The illustrations were done in a style i had never seen before, almost as if they were oil paintings, all of which had a sort of menace about the to a lesser or greater degree depending on which story they were attached too. One such story was about a little boy who had a sister who "might" have been bored with life when apon a which appeared before him and offered him a ball which held a golden thread that when he pulled on it would make him grow a little or greater bit older and that he would move through to later events in his life in the blink of an eye. he also had a sister... The little boy, impatient eventually came to the end of the golden string but instead of dieing, return to the moment which the witch initially gave him the ball of string.
Answered as The Golden Thread: Japanese Stories for Children, published in 1968. Available from Amazon.
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