Retro educational short about bees made by a Christian college.
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On late night tv earlier this month I saw a 50s or 60s educational documentary about bees that was made in affiliation with a christian college in America. And it was hilarious. The first half was sort of straight-forward science about how bees work, and then toward the end it takes this turn about how we should all follow the old testament which would make us happy and productive like bees. And now I can't remember the name of the film company (which was named after the college) which apparently did many such educational shorts in that time (either 50s or 60s I don't remember which). Does this ring any bells with anyone?
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Whoops, sorry for wasting a question, just found the answer annoyingly. If anyone is interested its the Moody Institute For Science. I found the video on youtube:
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Glad you found it! I was coming in to say that sounded like Moody! I know them from Carnivorous Plants, which has been riffed by the Rifftrax guys.
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Holy crud, I think I might have seen this one in parochial school back in the day.
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