Van warranty dilemma
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On march 11, about two and a half weeks ago, I bought my dad's van. 2008 town and country. Thursday morning, it wouldn't start. It might be dead. The mechanic is still working on diagnosing the problem, but he's not getting compression on two cylinders. Anyway, the van had a lifetime non-transferable power train warranty, so if had broken on march 10th, Chrysler would have covered it. Is there any way to void the sale and get the warranty back?

If there is a way to void the sale would that make my dad the original owner again or would he now be considered the third owner and the warranty would still be void? I already have the new title. I'm in Louisiana, if that matters. I have incredibly bad luck with cars, but 2 1/2 weeks is a personal record.
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Have you done the actual paper work to transfer the cars ownership? If you've been lazy and you haven't your in luck.
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A contract is a contract. That warranty is a contract. Your Dad sold the vehicle, he's no longer the owner, attempts to circumvent this would be unethical and probably illegal...not to mention the Karma factor.

If I were you, I would appeal to Chrysler with the truth. My experience with Chrysler has been positive. I have a 2006 Jeep, of the four side windows, everyone of them have had to be repaired due to faulty mechanisms, one of them has been repaired twice. Only ONE of those repairs was in warranty, the last repair was with 130,000 on the vehicle. Chrysler repaired covered every repair 100%.
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If you have the new title, the ship has sailed. Sorry.
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Oh, I was assuming I was completely out of luck, but I figured I'd ask. When my Kia was actually under warranty, they usually managed to find a way to make me pay for repairs, so I wasn't optimistic about this situation at all. Most of the parts of that car disintegrated just after the warranty ran out. I'm very used to repair bills, I'm just very worried that I'm going to be looking for another car for the second time this month. I won't be able to find another one where I know all of the maintenance was done and the car was taken care of like this one. Semimonthly car purchases are not in the budget.
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I had a Neon a long time ago. The sunroof broke right after the car went out of warranty. I talked to the service manager, who talked to Chrysler, and they split the cost of the repair with me. You may be surprised -- I would just explain the situation and see if they have any solutions.
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