Best practices for keeping on top of concert/show announcements in NYC?
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How can I best become aware of concerts or similar events happening in NYC as they are announced?

I'll be visiting New York, but my trip is nearly a year away. I'd love to know about concerts and certain other shows/events that might coincide with my visit but a lot of those things won't even be announced for months yet. Without having a specific venue or artist in mind, how can I get alerted to a broad variety of concert/show announcements as they happen so I don't miss ticket opportunities?
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Here are the mailing lists I'm on:

Oh My Rockness
Bowery Presents
PopGun Presents
Nonsense NYC
Wordless Music
Brooklyn Vegan

There's a lot of overlap: some of these are the booking company, some of these are aggregators and some of these are the venue.
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Just FYI, there's not necessarily any order to who gets the show date to the public first. Brooklyn Vegan has a tendency to get tour dates long before the bookers or venue announce it.
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Brooklyn Vegan is what you want for this.
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Bandsintown is a site/app that does this. You can sign up for alerts on artists you like and get notified as soon as they announce a new show. Don't be fooled by John Mayer on their homepage, they have much smaller indie artists too.
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The Village Voice offers a variety of music newsletters you can subscribe to via email or text message. "Stay in-the-know on New York's music scene with three weekly alerts on upcoming concerts, ticket pre-sales, CD releases and more."
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If you're just looking for music, Songkick is absolutely great. Its advantage over Bandsintown (last I checked, anyway) is that it allows for more than one geographic search area. If you live in New Jersey, you might want to look for shows in both New York and Philly. Songkick integrates with as well, so you don't even have to update the list of bands you're into.

In your case, you can add both wherever you live and New York City to Songkick, and you'll get notifications for both.
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