Who is the original artist of this image if floating islands?
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I can't source which artist creating this fantastic image: link to floating islands click here Can anyone plead help? Image search engines have been useless!
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Roger Dean? Looks like his stuff.
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Response by poster: I've got books of all roger deans work it's not him..:-(
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It looks like it's from a video game to me. I thought it might be one I've played, but ... maybe not. All I could find was this.
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Best answer: It appears to be from a Visual Novel: Kuutei Senki from Eushully. A sky pirate hentai (porn) game. I knew it looked Japanese, but I didn't expect this...
Safe link about the game.
Video Opening (still safe for work) Floating Islands at 1:40
NSFW Gallery full of very adult images Image 253 is the floating islands. Everything else is graphic sex.
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I just wanna say right now that I haven't played that. HA.
(But h-games often use character and art designs that are based on other media, which might explain why it looks familiar.)
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Man, that's a hell of a shibboleth.
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Response by poster: Thanks this turned out much better then expected I love anime..... A good excuse to explore this hentai stuff...!
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