What are your favorite 'deep thinking' blogs, websites, and resources?
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What are your favorite 'deep thinking' blogs, websites, and resources? e.g. Less Wrong (on rationality), Farnam Street (learning from what others have already figured out), Raptitude (on getting better at being human), Ribbonfarm (experiments in refactored perception), Cal Newport (study/learning techniques), etc.

These blogs talk about all manner of things, from Less Wrong's posts and sequences[0] on truth, beliefs, and rationality; Venkatesh Rao's ideas on legibility and business on Ribbonfarm[1]; Shane Parrish's ideas on mental models on Farnam Street. but what ties them together are that they are all talking about thinking and thinking deeply. What other sites do you enjoy in this category?

[0] http://lesswrong.com/sequences/
[1] http://www.ribbonfarm.com/2010/07/26/a-big-little-idea-called-legibility/
[2] http://www.farnamstreetblog.com/mental-models/
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The Volokh Conspiracy. Great discussions of law and public policy.

Now hosted by The Washington Post, but hey, nobody's perfect.
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Crooked Timber. I freely admit I have a hard time keeping up with it sometimes.
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BLDGBLOG: arhitecture, urban design, what you might call philosophical geography, I guess
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I'm enjoying The Philosopher's Mail.
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Thought Infection - Economics and futurism

Bret Victor - Especially his talks on responsive programming environments

Becker-Posner Blog : two legal minds write essays on social issues
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Krugman's blog.

Sean Carroll's blog.
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i like:

On economics etc.
Marginal Revolution
Felix Salmon
Krugman (already mentioned earlier)

O'Reilly Radar

On life and politics
Andrew Sullivan (even though he can be quite gullible at times)

PS Not to hijack this thread - but I am trying to identify a great blog to follow on 1) astronomy/cosmology and 2) neoroscience. Would be great if anyone reading this thread has any pointer
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Interfluidity is a great econ/finance blog that digs in pretty deep.
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Mencius Moldbug
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