Gluttony in Sin City
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Your recommendations for breakfast/brunch/dinner on/near the Las Vegas Strip?

My wife's parents are coming to visit us in May. It seems visiting Las Vegas is, alas, de rigueur, so in planning out the itinerary, we were wondering where one could have breakfast/brunch/dinner on/near the strip? The parents are in their early 60's and unlikely to be impressed by Las Vegas standard "fancy" French/Italian/European cuisine; this is not what they are flying all the way out here for. We were thinking of going the other way, more along the lines of something that's a bit more genuine and local and/or redolent of Americana: so perhaps some Mexican, or American food, with an authentic vibe, not fancy or such, reasonably priced, one can go in and eat without a big production of waiting and wine lists.

Location: we thought of the strip as it's the very epitome of LV, but we're open to something that is off of the strip, as long as it's not in some sketchy place (the folks are pretty conservative).
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Best answer: A few years ago my wife and I and my teen-to-twenties stepkids went to The Peppermill for breakfast which is on the Strip and quite enjoyed it. Worth considering. High-end diner and fun ambiance, quality food, and a darn good Bloody Mary too.
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Best answer: is very good and downtown by container park which is cute, is also great, the hash browns stuffed with mashed potatoes are delicious.
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Best answer: Hash House A Go-Go is the ultimate Vegas breakfast joint, IMO.
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Best answer: I was disappointed by Hash House A Go Go's food and ambiance. And I wouldn't take my mid-60s parents there. I'll second The Peppermill.
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Best answer: The Peppermill, yes! So Old Vegas. And all the food there is great. I like Hash House A Go-Go, too, but it might be too much for them.
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Best answer: you must do the breakfast buffet at the paris casino. They have an amazing prime rib hash.
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Best answer: The Steak House at Circus Circus is awesome and very old school. Best French Onion Soup I have ever had. Not inexpensive necessarily but great value as far as las vegas steak houses go.

Hash House a go -go is fun, huge servings of very good food, great tangerine screwdrivers, and a LINE most of the time. We find it worth it. My nearly 70 year old parents would love it.

For a little more adventure, Tacos el Gordo on the north end of the strip, is great. It is a little intimidating the way you order but it is CHEAP and fun and delicious. It is not a relaxing place to eat though.

Marrakech is a good Morroccan place just off the strip. Belly Dancers and cushy seating. It is a little awkward because they aren't standard height tables, but the food was phenomenal and different from your normal fare. Prices also reasonable.
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Best answer: I LOVE the Peppermill, it reminds me of all the food places in Defending Your Life.

Nthing the Steak House at Circus Circus. Considering the actual casino is a dive, the Steak House was surprisingly yummy!

Frozen Custard At Luv It, a couple streets over from the Stratosphere is a fun treat.

The $7.77 Gambler's Special at Mr. Lucky's at the Hard Rock is just fun. It's not on the menu, you just have to know about it!

I have dined at some of the Emeril places and while the food is good, it's not an orgasmic experience, if I'm honest. I think it's very expensive for what it is.

I also enjoy all of those cheesy, cheap deals on the strip. The .99 hot dogs at Slots O'Fun are fine, but I ain't touching that shrimp cocktail!
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Best answer: When we were in Vegas last fall EVERYONE seemed to recommend The Steak House at Circus Circus. Limo driver, the margarita guy at Fat Tuesdays, our consierge, etc. We didn't go because no amount of delicious could persuade me to walk through a place dedicated to something I find deeply disturbing and scary (clowns). But if you don't get freaked out by clowns the way I do that is likely a very good suggestion.

Also, there are some buffets that are really good kicking around. I wouldn't rule those out.

I also want to suggest Mesa (Bobby Flay's restaurant in Caesar's Palace). I think Bobby Flay is a total douche nozzle but my husband really wanted to go... and damn, wasn't that the best meal of the entire trip! It is probably a bit more lahdeedah than you're looking for, but the food was PROPERLY delicious, the prices were very reasonable, and it wasn't very formal. We drank margaritas, not wine.
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Best answer: Huebert Keller's Burger Bar in between Mandalay Bay and the Luxor is the real deal in terms of high hamburgers. This being Las Vegas you can be ridiculous and spend a fortune on foie gras on your burger but there are many reasonably priced burgers plus the place a diverse and delicious beer menu.
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Best answer: I liked the Florida Cafe Cuban restaurant at the Howard Johnson's a bit north of the Strip (but not as far as Fremont Street). You can take the Deuce bus there. Definitely not fancy. Reasonably priced.
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Best answer: Don't miss the breakfast/brunch buffet at the Bellagio. In terms of super-gourmet food, it's not at the top, but there are a million and one options, they're all REALLY tasty, and it's all you can eat. Plan to hang for a couple of hours to get the full benefit.
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Best answer: How about Thai food? Lotus of Siam has some very good Thai food, especially the Northern Thai kind that's hard to find.

Border Grill has some good Mexican food and it is not too fancy.
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Response by poster: Thank you everybody, this thread is full of win. All suggestions are much appreciated, and we'll take all of them into consideration. Thank you again!
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