old short story and newer anime where soldiers "respawn"?
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bookfilter: I remember reading a sci-fi (short story?) where the key element was that once a soldier died on the battlefield, they respawned into a new body and had to keep fighting. I believe it was a classic sci-fi because the enemies were russian, I believe. I was telling my friend about this and he said that there was an anime with a similar plot element, but he can't remember what it was. Can you tell me the names of these?
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All you need is kill. Recently made into a tom cruise movie.
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Response by poster: according to wikipedia, that's about a time-loop. The story I remember saw the soldiers having a quota of respawns into new bodies they had to fulfill before they could get a discharge.
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In Kiddy Grade the two main characters work for a special government agency which recruits people with special talents to act as agents.

It is revealed late in the series that the head of the agency herself has a special talent, which permits her to reincarnate her agents if they get killed. Which happens to the main characters of the series a couple of times during the series and apparently happened to them many times before the series. The odd thing about it is that they themselves don't know it's happened.

They look quite young and they think they are young, but it turns out they've been on this treadmill for a couple of centuries.
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Angel Beats! is an anime which takes place in an afterlife where characters cannot die. They quite often get "killed" in combat and then regenerate.
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Dunno but you might be interested in the literature/anime tabs for Resurrective Immortality and Body Backup Drive on tvtropes.
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It sounds like the basic plot of armor by John Steakley although there were no russians involved.
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There was an episode from the 1st season of Deep Space 9 with this basic plot. Nanobots would revive soldiers indefinitely to keep a war going.
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Not classic scifi, but this is the idea behind Richard K. Morgan's book Altered Carbon and it sequels.
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The anime might be The Sky Crawlers, but that's about pilots rather than soldiers.
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Best answer: It might be "If the Red Slayer" by Robert Sheckley. I can't find the full text online, here is a sample.
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Response by poster: ah yes, that is a name I recognize! I'll have to go find my copy of the Store of Infinity. Thanks Behemoth :)

I'll show the rest of these to my friend, find out if one of them is the anime he mentioned
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Btw, this largely the setting for the online first person shooter mmo called planetside (1 and 2). The persistent world and lack of meaningful deaths make it very different than call of duty or other similair shooters
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