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When I lived in Japan years ago I got my friends and family little omamori charms for their car from a local temple. Does anyone know a temple in Tokyo that would have them?

The last time I went to Tokyo I went to one of the bigger temples, and they sold omamori, but not the right kind. They must be small, have a suction cup to stay on the windshield, and most importantly, must have bells. Like this one.
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You want a Shinto shrine, not a temple. Meiji Shrine sells them, and is close to Harajuku (a popular tourist spot) and Shinjuku. Here's a neat English-language article about charms and amulets in Tokyo.
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I've collected a few of these, although those I favor are the stickers (and here's a 2009 Inside Outsider post about that type).

I thought most shrines sold some variant (and I'm told you must buy a new one every year, as the magical protection fades away).

PS Great link KokuRyu!

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Some temples do have them, for example Todaji
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Best answer: In addition to KokuRyu's recommendation, I went to another srhine. It was Tomioka Hachiman-gu in Koto-ku near Mozennakacho. I think it must've been sign posted in English but beware there is NO English at all at the shrine. I don't remember if they had suction cups, but one of mine has a bell.
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