Multiplayer boardgames for iPad
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4 of us are going away for a few days and we have one iPad between us. What are some games we can play using the iPad instead of a boardgame, that isn't Monopoly?

2 of us are not huge fans of Monopoly so it's a possibility but I'd like to hear some other ideas. Preferably not Pass and Play (althoughI have Ticket to Ride), as I think it would be good to have the iPad on the table as the focal point.

Word-based / language-heavy games are not an option as one of us does not speak English.

I already have Stratergy, any other ideas?
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Small World
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Look at Board Game Geek's big old list of board games. The ones that have an official iOS app will have a note in the rightmost column saying so. For starters, Agricola, Puerto Rico, and Caylus all have pass-and-play multiplayer.

Some of those have a bit of reading, but many have multiple language support, and fan-made translation sheets for many other languages.
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Settlers of Catan.
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I haven't played it myself, as I prefer remote multiplayer or pass and play experience, but I have consistently heard SpaceTeam is a raucous simultaneous multi-playing hoot. (Link to TouchArcade review)

Important note: It's free (but has IAPs), and by all accounts a blast for frenetic single-iPad /multi-player gaming.
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(After post, it does heavily favor English, but a lot of the words are made up anyway).
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For short multiplayer, arcade-type action, I've successfully entertained people from age 8 to 80 with Multiponk and Marble Mixer.
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Agricola is amazing but if you don't already know how to play you are not going to figure out how to play it just using the app. It's doesn't have the full rulebook in the app, so while you could learn it from some Youtube videos you may want to print out the rules to reference. Awesome game but the app is not aimed at beginners.
Same goes for Le Havre.

Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride, and Small World are all good too and are simple enough that you would have a much easier time learning the game via the app.
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Spaceteam only works on multiple devices, not pass&play. The IAPs are all cosmetic or extra gimmicky gameplay modes, the core game doesn't need any IAPs really.
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So, you mentioned only having one iPad, but do you guys have phones too? You can play Spaceteam with iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. I've played with a group that used a combination of all three and it was great fun!
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Forbidden Island
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Pandemic, a co-operative board game where you try to stop and cure diseases is out on iPad.
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