Help me locate the bathroom organizer of my dreams.
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I know exactly what I want. This. Only NOT fiberboard. I want something durable and washable, and since it's for the bathroom, it would be nice if it were relatively waterproof.

Specifically white. Opaque. Flat top. Two or three drawers where I can dump my extra lipsticks and all the little crap that I don't want sitting out.

I mean, it would be great if it were actually intended to be used in a bathroom, but I'll take office equipment and not complain.

I have the exact thing that I linked and it has lasted for two years or so, but it's showing wear and I would like to just have the right thing instead of something nearly right.

I wouldn't even bother with this if it were not for the fact that you guys can translate hieroglyphics and find books lost decades ago. This has got to be a cinch, right? TIA!
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Is this unit from Muji opaque enough?
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Response by poster: Thanks but, sadly, no. I really don't want the items to even leave shadows.
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Ikea makes similar things to those but made from unfinished wood. They're pretty cheap. Maybe you can paint them and put a waterproof coating on it. There's a little hole in them than acts as a drawer pull but then maybe you can fashion some kind of handle yourself and then it won't let any light through.
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I hunted for this for ages and finally found basically what you're describing, but in blue, at Target. Sturdy plastic, opaque, flat top, with drawers that aren't on any sort of runners, but do slide smoothly.

For whatever reason, there's a way bigger variety of them on the shelves at back-to-school time, in the "dorm organization" areas.

You might also check craft stores for sewing supply organizers.
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what about one of these?

bisley is great quality and it has some fun colors. metal.
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This is a tricky one. These are both in the right ballpark, though neither really hits your criteria fully. Leaving them here anyway:

This one is gray instead of white (+ pops of color), 5-drawer, and totally overpriced, but I quite like it.

This one looks very office-supply-y, but is white plastic, 4-drawer. It comes in other # of drawer options that are the same height (so shorter drawers).
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Also, these (also in 2-drawer with drawers side-by-side) meet most of your criteria except that they're too tall.
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Best answer: This? Or this?
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Response by poster: Brainmouse, the Ikea ones would be fine if Ikea would deign to stock them locally or sell them on line. kjs4, the second one looked perfect until I saw that it's fiberboard.
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Best answer: MDF is a different sort of fiberboard than your link. It's more like lumber; you work it with woodworking tools. The photos on kjs4's link look like it's screwed or nailed together.
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Your example reminds me a little of a tool chest; they are certainly opaque and waterproof. Maybe you can find one closer to the look of your example ?

Here's one site:
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Response by poster: Chazlarson thank you - I didn't know that! Okay then, I'll give it a whirl! Thanks kjs4!
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While MDF can be worked like wood, it is definitely not water resistant and pretty difficult to waterproof. There is such a thing as moisture resistant MDF, but it's designed to cope with humidity and doesn't like actual water either. Even veneered MDF doesn't cope with liquid very well. (I own a lot of Ikea furniture.)
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We've had a painted MDF shelf unit hanging in the bathroom for about eight years [across from the shower on the wall above the toilet]; I can't tell any significant difference since it went in.

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