Finally got an offer on Ebay. Now lost what to do next.
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I got an offer on Ebay for something I listed months ago. I accepted the offer. An email from Ebay says that as soon as I have the funds, to mail the item. But I don't have the funds yet. Am I doing something wrong? I feel like I'm missing something.

This is the first item I've ever tried to sell on Ebay (I have a previous question about this process on ask mefi). After months I finally received 2 offers, one close to my asking price. I accepted the offer, and now the item says sold for best offer and it's no longer available. Ebay says to ship the item promptly, but I should see the payment first.

I'm guessing I would receive an email from Ebay when the funds are in my account, and when they have confirmation that the item has been shipped, it would be available to me. It's only been about a day and a half but so far nothing has happened. I know that's not very long, but I'd like to make sure I'm not making some mistake that will sink the sale.

The buyer has been around since 2009 and has a good rating. Do I need to do anything? Send him an invoice? Is there a chance he won't pay, and if so, what happens then?

Any advice is appreciated. Hopefully after this sale I'll have a better understanding on the process.
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As a buyer: Some sellers have sent me a separate invoice, so it wouldn't be too weird if you decide to do so. A lot of ads usually also say that the buyer has x number of days to pay. (Commonly, 3 day sor 7 days.) So I wouldn't expect immediate payment.
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Click the "My eBay" button (about two thirds of the way across the banner) and choose the "Selling" option. You'll see your item listed under "Sold." There will be a dollar sign that will be bold if the buyer paid and grayed out otherwise (plus you should have gotten a notice). Next, look on the right side of that listing and find a button called "Actions." If they've not yet paid, then look for an option called "Send Invoice" and follow the prompts. If they've paid, then use the "Actions" button to print a packing slip and, if you plan to use the eBay shipping discount, a mailing label. If you use the eBay shipping options the tracking info will upload automatically but you'll need to do that manually otherwise. Congratulations on your first sale!

Oh and just so you know, eBay holds the funds for noobie sellers to make sure your customers are satisfied and because they presume the need to deduct the shipping fees from your net. They may not hit your PalPal account for awhile.

If your buyer doesn't pay, you'll use the Action button to "Report this Buyer" and follow the prompts to note the reason as non-payment.
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Thanks guys! You answered all my questions much better than anything I read after hours on Ebay. I appreciate it :)
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