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I'm in a group that has been tasked with naming a new functional area in our IT department. Looking for some suggestions.

The members have a mishmash of skills, but we basically focus on evaluating and improving user experience, new technology research, technology adoption, user satisfaction surveys, focus groups, user communications, performance metrics, helping gather business requirements, and user advocacy. We're not BA's, not support, not training, but take a little from each. Looking for something simple and not too buzz-wordy, but clearly let's the other teams in IT know our main functions.
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QI IS (Quality Improvement Information Services)
QI IT (Quality Improvement Information Technology)
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User Experience covers all of that.
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Seconded, adding that my division actually has such a unit (except for the user satisfaction surveys, which is a great idea and I am stealing it) and we actually do call it User Experience. So, User Experience.
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Customer Success Team. IT is a service provider, they are your customers, and your team is ensuring that they are successful using your services, and that they'll continue to use your services when they have a choice in the future. (This kind of team, and this term, is becoming increasingly common in SaaS companies, who have similar concerns.)
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Our organization uses the term Customer Experience for a similar team. User Experience can also work, but in many organizations UX already has a meaning that may not be compatible with your new team.

I've also heard Customer Advocacy Group, which I like because (to me, anyway) "advocacy" signifies purpose and action.
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Sounds similar to what my company's Customer Success Team does.
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User Advocates' Office
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Great suggestions, thank you all.
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