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I'm looking for a hairbrush that will help pull out the loose/dead hairs so I don't shed all over the place.

I have (almost) shoulder length, somewhat thick hair. It's curly, so the only time I brush it is right before I wash it every 2-3 days. When I do wash it, a ton of loose hairs come out and get all over the shower and my body, and between washings I lose a few hairs here and there and I'd rather not be shedding so much hair all over my apartment.

I bought a brush very similar to this one, thinking that brushing it before I washed it would pull out the loose hairs so that I wouldn't have to deal with them in the shower, but invariably I end up losing a lot more hair while shampooing, even after having brushed it.

Is there a type of hairbrush that will work better for de-shedding (for lack of a better term)?
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I'd guess it has more to do with the 2-3 day lag than the type of brush.

When my own shedding gets annoying, I turn my head upside down over the bathtub, almost as if I'm going to wash my hair under the faucet, but I don't use any water or shampoo. I just massage my scalp the way I would if I were shampooing. The dry hairs that fall in the dry bathtub are easy to wipe up.

I realize you don't want to brush curly hair every day, but maybe using fingers like this will work as an everyday way to control where the loose hairs end up?
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It's a catch-22 because messing around with your head by brushing or otherwise will increase the total amount of hair you shed. So you might catch more of the shedding, but you won't catch all of it.

My best advice is a drain cover like this.
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I agree the problem has more to do with the 2-3 day lag. I have really long thick hair that I straighten and I shed like crazy too. The bulk of my hair comes out in the shower it seems. When I go for a 2nd day straight hair rewearing (showering with a showercap instead) the shedding is way worse and the amount of hair that comes out in my hands in the shower the next day is disgusting. Something that helps me is sort of pulling at my hair as though I was making a pony tail, but continuing my hand all the way down to the tends, gripping tightly as I go past the ends. I usually catch/pull out a ton of hair that way as well. I would do that after your brushing,

If you can increase the showering frequency that would probably help as well.
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I just use my hands to comb through my hair at least once a day and I definitely pull out enough for a hair ball each time (I have thinnish but nearly waist-length hair). If I don't do this, I notice that after conditioning it in the shower (I also wash my hair every 2-3 days), I produce a much larger hair ball.
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Do you wear your hair curly?

I think the best thing to do with thick curly hair is to comb your hair in the shower when the conditioner is in. I use my fingers or a wide tooth comb for this, because brushes aren't a great idea in the shower and brushes just seem to rip my hair out and make it super frizzy.

I get not wanting to shampoo curly hair every day, but if you rinsed and conditioned daily or even every other day, it will help too.
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I find that using a boar bristle brush collects more of my hair and I shed less elsewhere. My home brush is a Mason Pearson but they are very expensive. Mason Pearson brushes come with another brush that is used to clean the hairbrush.

The brush I keep at work is a Bass and it works just as well.
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After putting conditioner on, I detangle with a wide tooth comb and then use a Denman D3 to get the loose hair out.
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2nding not using a hairbrush if you wear your hair curly. Pulling a brush through your hair before you wet and condition it will break the strands, frizz your do, and make even more hair fall out in the long run.

Do you co-wash? Because co-washing on days that you don't want to wash your hair, and using a large-toothed comb while your conditioner is in, will seriously cut down on shedding. You can massage your scalp while co-washing. This is gross, but I've actually learned to embrace my shedding and collect my hairs on the side of the shower until I'm finished -- then I wipe them up and throw them away.
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