Tabletop RPGs for 2 players
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Do you know of any tabletop RPGs that work really well with 2 players? I've recently started playing tabletop RPG games and I enjoy playing with my partner. Are there any games which are particularly suited to this? Either 1 player and GM or GMless games are fine and I prefer storytelling games that offer character development as well as adventure.
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Here's a relevant Reddit thread I found accidentally by looking up one of the RPGs on it for you (Breaking the Ice).
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Mars Colony, now with sequel "39 Dark" on Kickstarter.
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The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is RPG - like but is not really an RPG in that you can't make a unique character. It is pretty fun tho.
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The Death of the Gilded Age is for two or more players. It's Great Gatsby the RPG about one last party before the roaring 20s end. The mechanics are maybe a bit confusing but it's still a pretty fun, light game.

See also this thread on story games.
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Once Upon a Time is perfect for you.
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Murderous Ghosts
Macabre Tales
S/Lay with Me (page has a list of other 2-person games at bottom)

Or you could use the Mythic GM Emulator with any set of rules to randomly generate situations to face.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much - you've given me lots to look into. I can't mark a best answer- this is going to give us months of entertainment!
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