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I've got a memory of seeing a long list of books, either recommended reading or as acknowleged sources of material, in an early edition of the Warhammer 40K rulebook. In my recollection it neatly sumarised all the works that influenced WH40k. Did this actually exist? What were the books on the list?
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Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein and the Alien movies for Tyranids.
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Best answer: I remember this as well. I'm almost positive this was in the Rogue Trader book (or, possibly, in the second edition rulebook).
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Moorcock, for the chaos star and the immortal god-emperor (and the whole gothic victorian vibe), not to mention the ultra violence.

2000AD, absolutely.
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Also try this link and this one.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, but I'm more interested in that specific bit of text than in speculative lists of influences.
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I have the Rogue Trader edition (in pieces) at home and will check for you tonight if nobody has given you an answer by then. I think I know the bit to which you are referring and will do my best - I haven't a scanner but will see what I can come up with for you.

Just in case you were wondering there are certain locations on this here internet where the whole catalogue of GW books including WH40K 1st to current edition are available to those scurrilous types who care not for copyright laws.
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Right-o. I've looked through every page of my (apparently 1st Ed) WH40K Rogue Trader and there's nary a word about it. I'm going to have a look at the 2nd Ed for you now.
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The closest I've found so far is the introductory paragraph which states -

"If you've ever left the cinema or turned from the TV screen, wishing that you could invent your own storm-troopers, whirling ornithopters and wild-eyed heroes then this is for you!"
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