Low Carb Vegan Meals
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Looking for your favorite low carb vegan dinner recipes. Thanks!
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Are you opposed to using Dreamfields pasta?

That can open up a whole world for you.

Pad Thai (I'd use a little of the pasta, and then bean sprouts, bok choi, shredded carrots or even shredded cabbage). Instead of sugar, use stevia powder.

Ratatouille with tofu.

If you like curries, use Coconut Cream. Low in carbs, rich and delicious, FABULOUS in coffee!
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Sautéed Spinach.

Portobello Pizza (tho I'd skip the fake cheese and use veggie toppings like roasted red pepper and sliced brussel sprouts.)

Shirataki noodles open up a lot of opportunities.

Tho, to be honest, low-carb and vegan do not go all that well together. "Slow carb" - or food with complex carbohydrates, high in protein, loads of nutrients and lots of fiber - may be an acceptable substitute. "Slow carbs" include beans, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, steel-cut oats, peanuts and tree nuts.
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One of my favorites is shaved fennel, shaved apples, baby arugula, and walnuts, tossed with a shallot vinaigrette. Super tasty.
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If you like cabbage (many people have an aversion to it, it seems), I often find it efficacious to thinly slice a head of cabbage so that you get noodle-like strips, sautée it, and then treat it with the same sauce or condiments that are used for a pasta dish. It doesn't taste like pasta by any means, I just find that recipes and seasonings for pasta dishes are often an equally good enhancement to the flavor of cabbage, since I like it.

Also for dessert, if you like dark chocolate: melt a couple of blocks of unsweetened baker's chocolate in the microwave (which you have to do very slowly and carefully to avoid burning it, or use a double boiler on the stove or something like that) and mix in unsweetened coconut, your nuts of choice, and a low-carb sweetener like the aforementioned stevia. Cocoa mass is still ¼ carbs by weight without any sugar in it according to Wikipedia, but spoonfuls of a molten or chilled-solid-in-the-fridge mixture like this makes for some premium nom-noms.
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Tofurkey sausages.
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Best answer: Choose one item from each category and get your nom on!

Tempeh, tofu, seitan, or Soy Curls doused in one of the following marinades or dry rubs, then baked, broiled, grilled, or fried: jerk, teriyaki, fajita, miso, sweet chili, curry, lemon tahini, mole, pesto, marinara, shawerma.

Cauliflower mashed potatoes, risotto, or rice, zucchini noodles (lasagna, fettucine alfredo, etc.), spaghetti squash noodles (Pad Thai, angel hair, etc.), roasted radish home fries.

Moar Vegetables
Oven-roasted, broiled, steamed, or pan-seared broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, green beans, stuffed or sliced bell peppers, roasted pumpkin, all manner of cabbage.

Arugula-spinach salad with toasted almonds, creamed spinach, palak paneer, massaged raw kale salad with toasted walnuts, kale flash-fried with garlic and sesame seeds, kale chips with nutritional yeast, lettuce or collard green wraps (tofu laab/larb is excellent).

Moar Sauces/Dressings
Avocado-lime vinaigrette, peanut sauce, miso-mushroom gravy, spicy chipotle dressing, pumpkin seed dressing, cashew ranch dressing, queso.
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There's some info here: Vegan Keto. Low(ish) carb and vegan is how I aim to eat on a daily basis, although I allow myself lentils, beans and most fruit, which is generally avoided by many people on a low carb diet.

Kelp Noodles are actually tasty and great in stir-fry with lots of tofu, veggies, and sesame oil. Cauliflower fried "rice" is another great option.

If you shop at trader joe's, they make a high protein tofu that's really tasty and filling.

If you like Buffalo sauce, I will often make Buffalo tofu salad with shredded lettuce, cucumbers and avocado. Alternatively, taco salad with Beyond Meat's excellent fake chicken in your favorite taco seasonings. I make mine by sweating an onion, adding dried chilies, ancho chili powder, salt, pepper, cayenne, oregano, add a small can of crushed tomatoes (omit this or reduce it if it's too many carbs for you), the beyond chicken, and some vegetable broth and cook until the broth reduces and everything tastes good.
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A spiral slicer (I have a little handheld one but am going to upgrade to a crank-style) has revolutionized my noodle game. I just made this zucchini noodles with avocado cream sauce (note: contains no cream) yesterday.

There are vegan paleo blogs out there, which are not 100% low carb but there's a really decent intersection.
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You can make a great lasagna with thinly sliced eggplant as the noodles and tofu ricotta (I love Veganomicon's cashew ricotta, but there are many similar recipes), homemade tomato sauce and spinach as the filling. Here's a recipe that you could use as a template.

Also, I find salads with tempeh surprisingly filling. Lots of raw veggies (both greens and heavier veggies like cucumber and tomato), sauteed mushrooms and tempeh, and your favourite salad dressing (here are a lot of recipes, not all are really low carb, but many are or they're easily adapted). You have to make them huge though, to make them filling enough. I eat them from a bowl that normally serves a family and then have some soup on the side.
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