Signing and scanning electronic documents without a Printer?
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I have no printer. I have some documents to be signed and scanned, preferably in the next few hours. How can I accomplish this?

I have a couple of netbooks (with webcams), and an crappy android phone with a camera.
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Kinkos/fedex office?
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A camera is ok to grab your signature, and any image manipulation software is ok to paste it into place. But if the forms are on paper they won't come across very well by camera.

If you have a USB stick, you can go to an electronics store and use one of the printer/scanners on display to scan to the stick.
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Your best bet is to look local. Print shops, neighbours, hotel lobbies. Maybe the old fax method might be best for you. Surely there's a shop nearby with a fax machine in the back?
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I use the TurboScan app on my iPhone. Check if that one or another scanner app is available for Android.
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Back in the day, I knew people who would make an image out of the document (with print-to-pdf followed by a pdf-to-image converter, although maybe you could just take a photo of your screen?), open it in MSPaint, and then "sign" it using a tablet and the free form pencil tool. When no tablet was available, they faked it using a mouse.
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There's also an app called "Genius Scan" for android... works well for me... sign, photo, converts to pdf...
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I've done this by signing the doc, taking a picture of it with my phone and sending it off via mail. Also seconding a hotel lobby - look around for the business center.
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I believe the local libraries usually have scanners.
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I have camscan on my android. It's pretty decent.
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Best answer: I also use camscanner. It's free & works well enough for my expense reports.
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Best answer: Office supply stores like Warehouse Stationery usually have these services.
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If you were in the US, I'd say you should go to Staples/Office Depot/OfficeMax, basically any of the big-box office supply places. I don't know what the equivalents are outside the US. Barring that, most hotels have business centers that they'd probably let you use if you asked nicely enough.
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Best answer: I had this problem a few years ago. My solution was:

sign a white peace of paper

photograph it in good lighting

cut down to just the signature

paste into the document

save as PDF
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Best answer: 1. Find someone with a Mac
2. Use Preview > insert signature.
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It's one thing if you don't have a scanner, but not having a printer is going to be a problem. Find your closest FedEx Office (aka Kinko's).
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A scanning app and the SignNow app.
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No printer? Good luck with FedEx-Kinkos. I had to print a boarding pass recently and though they'd be fine, but alas, once I got everything up on their PC and tried to print, "Sorry. the printer's not working, and the guy who can make it go won't be in for a few hours."

My suggestion for casual printing is to rely on your local library.
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Are the documents currently electronic? It wasn't clear from your question. Download a free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro, convert the files to PDF (if they aren't already) and insert an electronic signature. It's really straightforward and you can even use a password-secured signature for extra officialness.
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Have you looked at any online services like

I've been using their faxing service for about a year and am happy with it but haven't used their signing features. I haven't needed a printer once but did use my Genius Scan on iphone to "scan" a few docs.
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Kinkos or FedEx Office as they call it now, or a UPS store, or a library.
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Response by poster: So, it was an electronic document, that needed to be printed, signed, scanned, and emailed back.

It was also evening, and so all possible printing places were shut.

What I considered:

I figured my best shot of actually doing it at home, was to download something like Adobe Photoshop, convert the documents to images, take a photo of my signature, and then magic-tool paste it in, and then try and send that as something that looked kind of scanned.
And hope they accepted that format.

There seemed like a lot of failure points in that, so I gave up, went to sleep, printed (from a Warehouse Stationery even) and scanned it (using Camscanner!) in the morning.
It was a day late, but luckily everything went through in time.

The 'insert signature' feature, but for a PC, is basically what I was looking for. I will try out HelloSign if I have to do anything like this again.

Thanks all!
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