Navigable audio version of the Christian Bible
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I'd love to have an audio version of the Christian Bible that allows you to pick a specific chapter or specific verses and listen to them -- ideally in a recorded voice, not not a text-to-speech generator. I have a Kindle version of the Bible that I really like -- it's easy to navigate to a specific chapter and verse through the Kindle table of contents and menus. It's an NRSV translation from Harper Bibles. Are there any audio versions of the Bible that have similar functionality?
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The Bible Gateway's Android app has an audio component with actual human voices.
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The English Standard Version has this feature.

For example, you can search for John 3:16, press the play button at the top of the page, and it will play just that verse. You can pretty much select any set of verses or chapters, to play this way. Here's John 3:16-21 and John chapters 3-4.
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What might meet your needs is a Bible in DAISY format. It's an audio book format, primarily produced for blind people, that includes structural information so it can be navigated like a printed book.

You'll need appropriate software to play the files, but they're available on all desktop and mobile platforms.

DAISY format books can be either text-to-speech or human read, it's not always self-evident which of those the book in question is.

From quick searching I could only find two versions of the Bible which were both navigable to verse and read by a person - and both are freely downloadable. The Association for the Blind of Western Australia has produced DAISY versions of the New Testament and the Old Testament which can be freely downloaded. They also have a few other translations if you search their library site but I don't think the others are navigable to verse. The translations that are out of copyright are all free to download. That particular edition appears to have been produced in association with the LDS - in case that affects its use to you

There is also a different version which can be downloaded from the LDS site.

There are more translations and editions available if you find that the format appeals (I didn't search in great depth) but you can try out the free ones and see if the DAISY format works for you
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I doubt this will meet your needs, but someone in my family has a book-on-CD version of the Bible with someone reading it. If I remember correctly, it was a 16-CD set, which is pretty huge.
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