Where in Europe should I check out (and dance) this summer?
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I have a one-way ticket to Stockholm in June to celebrate midsommar, but want to figure out a second place to visit that I haven't been before, preferably somewhere that I would want to consider living in the future (I consider all of my travel auditions for the future, in a way.)

I am mainly interested in: good music/music/arts scene, cool and nice people, nightlife (clubbing/DANCING), beautiful scenery/architecture, and maybe some interesting food. I'm 25, F, and traveling solo. I'll probably do hostels and try to meet some locals wherever I go.

Places in Europe I've been and really loved:
- Sweden (Lund, Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg, as well as more rural places… lived there for 6 months)
- London (Shoreditch! Underground parties!)
- Amsterdam (Beautiful, manageable, chill, fun dancing)
- Berlin (street art aesthetic is great, though the club line situation is ridiculous)
- Tallinn (adorable, though barely spent one day there)
- Istanbul (I have family there, visited ~10 yrs ago)

Places I've been in Europe and not liked as much:
- Barcelona (I didn't think it was that pretty, though the metro was great. clubbing was just alright. too many Americans in the hostels.)
- Prague (the city is beautiful but it's full of 17 year old Europeans getting drunk, it's hard to find locals)
- Copenhagen (Christiania is awesome, but the rest seemed a bit pretentious and dull, food is too pricey for how it tastes)

If I can't think of anything, I'll probably hit Berlin again since it's fun and relatively close to Sweden, but it seems like a bit of a waste of a Eurotrip to not try a new city! I'm thinking in the 3-5 days range. I'd prefer somewhere a bit more off the beaten path than Paris or Italy (though I do intend to hit those places up at some point). I've heard good things about Reykjavik and Croatia, but then again everyone told me I HAD to see Prague and I thought it wasn't that amazing.
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Cologne, Germany. Arty, fun, and yummy Wurst!
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Lisbon, Portugal - so much fun! There's a lot of random street parties, beautiful architecture (visit the nearby Sintra for castles and stuff!) and the people are so nice. It's a nice city with a small-town feel - I couldn't recommend it enough!
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Hey, come to Glasgow. We have art, music, a vibrant food scene and pretty scenery is less than an hour out of town.
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Regensburg, Germany. You can take the train from Munich.

It's right along the Danube, surrounded by amazing natural scenery (mountains, plains, Bavarian Forest), gorgeous architecture including unbelievably beautiful castles and churches, incredible city center (Altstadt), excellent food, very friendly people, and a great club scene. I had a fantastic time at Suite 15 in particular. I'd move there in a heartbeat. Wikitravel has a bit more information.
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My plan was to type Copenhagen in huge letters with a link to Distortion (an electronic music dance festival that fills the streets), but I see that you're not a fan...

Have you thought about Budapest? I've never been, but just yesterday two people recommended it - one for its food and another for its beauty. I don't know much about its nightlife, but it sounds like it has these garden pubs that are in ruins - and that sounds awesome, especially for the summer.
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Montpéllier, France. Awesome college town, marvelous access to beaches, mountains, countryside. Dance scene is a bit underground but still delightful. Food - you've died and gone to heaven.
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