Sunday brunch venue in Austin?
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I'm looking for a space in downtown-ish Austin to host a post-wedding brunch.

I'm trying to figure out a place to have our post-wedding brunch. What we want to do is just rent a space downtown and bring in tacos and donuts, but the hotels want us to use their catering, so that's out.

Can y'all recommend any places downtown (our guests are staying at the Radisson and the Embassy Suites) that would allow us to bring in our own food and host 60-80 people from 10a to 12p or so on a Sunday in July?

I've done a lot of googling, but I am mostly bringing up places that would be pretty pricey or semi-out of the way (I do not know how many of our guests will have cars). At this point I'm considering just renting an AirBNB or VRBO space and using that for the brunch. I'm also unsure of what a reasonable price is for something like this, so feel free to let me know that I can have this, but I should expect to pay $5000 for the venue (I do not want to do this, but it's good information).

Lastly, I am happy to hear about any catered or restaurant options y'all think we should consider.
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I don't know how much they cost, but my first thoughts are Brazos Hall or Palm Door.
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Perhaps Vuka? I think it would be considerably less than your budget.
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Palazzo Lavaca is beautiful, not sure of the capacity though (or the price)
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or the AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center if you want a more hotel ballroom type feel.
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My aunt and uncle hosted a lovely memorial event with outside catering and bartenders for about 80 people in a studio at the Austin Ballet.
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Mercury Hall? It's beautiful. You would need to get tables etc. set up though. Rental rates for a Sunday in July are $1900.
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Ask the Texas Chili parlor if you can rent their space.
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I ended up renting part of the roof at the Rattle Inn. They're letting us bring in our own food and are going to sort of rope off a section. In case anyone is searching for something in the future, I'll post another reply if it goes horribly, but won't post anything if everything goes well. It is costing us ~$650 (staffing and bar minimum) plus the cost of the food we bring in (breakfast tacos, so not much more).

Thanks for everyone's suggestions!
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