Moonshine from 1969 (or 1977), what will it taste like?
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I have a sealed bottle straight corn whiskey from McCormick distilling company. The bottle says it was aged 8 years and it has the mark of 1977 on on the bottom. It was kept in a cold basement all this time. Is this still drinkable? What will it taste like?
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Yeah, you can drink it. It will taste like burning.
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Liquor doesn't change once it's bottled, as long as the seal is intact. (This isn't like wine.)
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It should taste like really inexpensive bourbon. It doesn't go bad. It doesn't get better, either.
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If it was drinkable then it should be drinkable now. Whether or not it's tasty is a different matter and very much YMMV.
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Not all beer and wine keep so well, but what you have does.
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Yup, n-thing its a-ok if the seal is intact. As for how it will taste that stuff was actually pretty light and sweet. That stuff is still sold today aged a little less as "Platte valley corn whiskey" and is actually far better than "inexpensive bourbon" might suggest. Its actually nicely light and sweet with a minimal alcohol burn.

I'd say to taste it do the following:
1. Smell the hell out of it first. Make sure you don't smell turpentine...
2. Then taste a bit as it comes out of the bottle. Swish it around a little again looking for a "something's off" taste (doubt there will be) and if it's sweet and alcoholy then swallow away
3. It's pretty good with some ice cubes or a splash of water, however you roll. I prefer the modern version by McCormick/platter valley with 2 ice cubes....

I bet it's gonna be surprisingly good. Wish I could sample with you!! Post a pic of the bottle for posterity?
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I've got a jar of straight corn in the freezer and take a small pull off it every now and again, mostly to remind myself of why I don't drink it regularly. It's not bad, but I'd hate like hell to see what a hangover on the stuff feels like.

It's not nearly as old as what you've got, but I'm not sure it much matters.

It should be fine. If you're worried, send it to me and I'll take care of it according to all proscribed ritual and pomp.
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I don't know, but I bet Chuck Cowdery would.
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