Menses and maybe perimenopause? Question about Progesterone
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I was on the Depo Provera shot for a few years and my doctor advised me that it was time to stop the injections as long term use can impact bone density. While on the shot, I did not menstruate. For the first few months after stopping the shots, I had no menses -- but my period started again two weeks ago -- and has not stopped since. Doctor put me on a two-week course of progesterone pills to stop my period two days ago. It's really slowed down, but has not stopped yet. How long might it take to work to stop my bleeding? I am going to have a full workup in two weeks -- and I know this could be perimenopause, but I am not too worried about that necessarily. I am 45.
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I was on Depo in my twenties for five years, and I had a year-long period during the first year I was on it, and a two-month-long period after stopping it (without progesterone, and after several months of no bleeding). In fact, my cycle has never returned to what it was before I was on the shots - I have been on and off the pill, have been pregnant, and have now been diagnosed with PCOS based on the irregularity of my cycles. I am now in my thirties and have been off Depo for almost a decade.

I couldn't say for sure that Depo caused all of this, but the fact is that my cycle is not what it was before I started it. There are a lot of women who say the same thing. If you are still bleeding at the workup in two weeks, I would push for more answers, maybe including a transvaginal ultrasound. Have them check you for anemia, too.
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Sometimes the Provera doesn't work. There are other options too. It could take until after your workup is done and you've discussed the options at that point for you to find a solution to make it stop.
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IANYD, but it sounds like you're in perimenopause. Bleeding like that is not uncommon (I bled for six weeks, lightly, this winter), although it doesn't get the press that hot flashes and mood swings do. Sometimes it can be from uterine polyps, so you might want to get that checked.

My gyn put me on ten days of progesterone, which didn't stop the bleeding, and then moved me right over to regular hormonal birth-control pills. This did stop it, and apparently reset my clock.

It's a hassle, but unless you're bleeding heavily, constantly, for days, you're at no risk (other than for anemia).
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Closing the loop on this for future mefites. A week of progesterone did not stop the bleeding. I was then prescribed a short course (3 days) of Tranexamic Acid -- which seems to have halted the proceedings. Now have been scheduled for an ultrasound and internal exam.
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