What are your favorite book blogs?
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I'm looking for some good book blogs in the style of Forever Young Adult, which I adore, but which are focused on adult literature. What I like about Forever Young Adult is the informal style and frequent reviews of new books I might not otherwise hear about - the book blogs I know of are more focused on author interviews or commentary, and tend to take themselves more seriously than I would like.

It's gotten to the point where a good half of what I read is Young Adult fiction, which is starting to feel a little weird as I am a 37 year old woman. I read a wide range of stuff from general literature to mystery to sci fi, so genre suggestions are welcome also.

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This isn't a blog exactly, but Goodreads is crazy full of fun conversational reviews. We even have a Metafilter group over there!

(I'm in the process of writing a rave review of The Goldfinch over there. You might like it too!)
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It's not really a blog, except during the month of March, but the Tournament of Books is a great place to get reading material.
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The Millions is one of my favorites, and what I like best about them is that they go back and review books that you might have missed but speak to some cultural moment, like Five Crime Novels Where Women are the True Detectives.

Bookslut's blog crosses all sorts of genres, and it also tracks newsworthy happenings in literary fiction. Don't miss the monthly articles, though.
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Trawling my news reader, I guess you might like SF Signal, Fantasy Literature, Open Letters Monthly, Three Percent, or Worlds Without End. Since you're open to genre fiction and enjoy some informality, this romance site also comes to mind.
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I don't eyeball it much myself, but HTMLGIANT seems to cover a lot of contemporary ground.
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Tor.com has what you want, focused on SFF.

(This is Tor the publisher, not the anonymity network)
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