Hunting the elusive perfect sofa...
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Looking for an inexpensive, chic (used?) sofa in Philadelphia...

When visiting Seattle, it seemed like stylish used furniture was available on every street corner. Uhuru is the only used furniture shop I know of in Philadelphia, and the selection seems wildly hit and miss. There are design stores on Walnut St and in Old City, but sadly my Powerball ticket didn't work out as planned, and Ikea is right out. Are there other stores that you might recommend for someone looking for a modern, non-"poofy", non-suburban-family, stylish sofa that may or may not be slightly used? Cheers!
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Best answer: Are you morally (or otherwise) opposed to craigslist? If you're patient, you can find some great deals. I've purchased several fine pieces of furniture that way...
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Best answer: What about that place on Walnut between 21st and 22nd? I've never been in there, but they seem to have a decent amount of stuff.
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Best answer: How about an old church pew with pillows?? Anyway, I've been meaning to check this place out in Port Richmond, it's called ReStore.
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Best answer: Vintage Modern at 2nd and Poplar?
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We have a church pew. It's not authentic unless it has real gum underneath.

Craigslist is a good idea. But I've honestly seen plenty of old furniture at garage sales, much of it interesting 60s stuff that could pass for/is 'modern.'
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Best answer: I don't know if you'll like any of this stuff at all (and I certainly don't have first-hand experience!), but Designer's Furniture & Interiors advertises "upscale designs at below market prices", and it appears that they are having a showroom sample sale (up to 50% off). May be worth having a look. Map and directions here.

I've also found fabulous second-hand things (one really amazing leather sofa for $200!) as maledictory mentions, but it takes time and patience.
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Two Links that bear promise:
* Design Within Reach
* Urban Outfitters
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