Giant uploads - how, who, what, where?
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How can I upload large amounts of data, like 5 to 50 GB worth of files to a specific server, such as YouTube or my own FTP server?

I only have 3 Mbps ADSL and it takes a day to upload just a few GB. I don't know anyone with fiber, nor would I want to accidentally cap their account.

I had been wanting to upload my own files for a small business... however lately I've been digitizing old videos from the 1980s-1990s (which are historically noteworthy) for a client and he may want to post them on YouTube. The problem is there are about 100 files at 2 hours (2 GB) a piece, so uploading to YouTube is just not viable.

Are there services that receive a flash drive or USB hard drive and either perform the upload or connect to a machine and allow me to SSH or VPN in to do transfers? Seems this would be a good side-benefit for a web hosting service, but I've never heard of one that will receive drives and connect them to a machine at an affordable price. I also looked at Amazon S3 and apparently they don't receive or load media either. In the past I used Rentacoder to do little jobs like this, but that site was gutted by new owners a few years ago.
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Yeah, we've done something like this with Rackspace as well, I remember having to pay for it, seems their current pricing is $6 per GB.
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My internet bandwidth is unlimited between midnight and 8 AM, and you might know someone with a similar account in your area. That way, you can queue uploads to happen when bandwidth is not capped.

If you want to transfer files from an FTP to YouTube, there are methods, though nothing as easy as uploading straight to YouTube or via 3rd party software, but at least you have an option.
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When you say that you used to use Rentacoder, did you mail them the physical files? If mailing is still an option, you can probably post this to Metafilter Jobs and find someone who would do it for you.
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Response by poster: When I used Rentacoder I put out a job to upload, say, a 10 GB file, and people would bid on it. These were small $20-30 jobs. Rentacoder kept the money in escrow, so it wasn't like trying to get help on Craigslist.
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