How to commemorate reaching 100 million page views?
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Sometime this year, the web sites I'm responsible for should surpass 100 million page views per month. That seems like a milestone worth acknowledging! What are some fun ways my small development team could commemorate the occasion?

Filling a fish tank with 100 million M&M's isn't exactly going to work. 100 million grains of rice doesn't seem very festive. Maybe a wall-sized print of 100 million tiny people on it? Maybe something totally different. We work at a media company-- magazines and such. I don't have any budget for this but could maybe scrounge something up. Thanks for your ideas!
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You mean like real fun, or workplace "fun"?
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You know what would be fun and memorable? A free honest-to-goodness day off. I don't know why more companies don't commemorate hard work by this most logical of rewards.
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Give everyone a $100,000,000 bonus!
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(and a day off) +++rada
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LOL. Given that I don't actually have managerial-type authority (hence, no budget) it's probably going to be just workplace "fun."

(The $100,000,000 bonus is a pretty funny idea.)
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A message sent to the company thanking the developers by name for their hard work. A day off. A bonus.
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Being at a magazine company, is there a way for you to make a special commemorative glossy magazine? Among other things you could have pieces on team members past and present and their accomplishments.

Also maybe go out to lunch somewhere special on the company, then give everyone the afternoon off to either hang out together, or go do whatever they want.
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100 million is such a large number that anything you attempt that includes the number is likely to be the workplace equivalent of putting 100 candles on a birthday cake, sounds cute actually causes a mess at ness, burns down the house at worst.

First, ask for a budget - that is a big milestone which corporate will support.
Second, I agree thanking developers by name is a good idea. Could you send a nice, handwritten card to every developer/designer/support guy still at the company? That would be heartfelt and not just office "fun"
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Surely a popup on your site "Congratulations, you are the 100,000,00th visitor, click here to claim your free iPad" - then ACTUALLY GIVE AWAY AN iPAD!
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