What to put on St Patricks/Anniversary/Bithday Cake?
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I'm having a birthday party for my mom this weekend and I don't want the cake to say "Happy Birthday, Mom". What should it say instead?

My mom's birthday is March 17. It's also my parent's wedding anniversary. It's also, of course, St. Patrick's Day, and she is named after St Patrick. She doesn't like having a big deal made of her birthday, so the standard "Happy Birthday, Pat" is out. I'm having trouble deciding what to get written on the cake instead. I don't want to want to ignore the birthday aspect entirely, but I don't want it to be the focus either and want to be sure to get anniversary-ness in there as well.

I've been thinking of smushing Birthday/Anniversary/StPatricks together to get something like "Happy Patirthsary Day". I think that approach is a good one but I'm not happy with that specific phrasing, so I'm looking for variations on that. But I'm also open to completely different ideas.

It's a lemon cake and she'll be turning 81. It's a 10" cake, so each word shouldn't be very long. The party is on Sunday, the 16th, not St Paddy's proper. (Extra bonus if it somehow also incorporates an idea of my brother's birthday which is also around now.)
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How about something simple like "Let's Celebrate!"
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"Here's to All Your Special Days!"
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Best answer: Breithlá sona duit - Gaelic for Happy Birthday?

Croi follain agus gob fliuch! - Kind of like a toast - "To your health" literally - A healthy heart and a wet mouth
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What about something like "Yay!" or "Yippee!" or "Hooray for you!"

Actually tbh me personally I would do something like "Happy Cake Eating Day!" but I'm kind of a dork like that.
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Best answer: How about "Sláinte"?
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Happy St. Birthsary!
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Best answer: How about "Sláinte"?

Seconded. That's Irish Gaelic for "Cheers," and is also short, which sounds perfect. (I considered "Happy Birthday" too, but thought that it'd be a little long!)
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Will there be candles? If there are candles, then there don't need to be any words on the cake at all.

Or if candles are outlawed as "making a big deal" then...

"We Love Pat", with a big shamrock?
"Happy St. Mom's Day"?
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Oh, and "Sláinte" is pronounced "SLOWN-cha," with the "Ow" part sounding like "down" or "clown".
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Happy Celebrations 4!
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I love "Happy St. Mom's Day"
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Living The Dream
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How about,
Here's to your lucky day!
Many happy returns!
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Response by poster: Great thoughts all. But I reckon Sláinte indeed covers it all.

Suffocating Kitty's Irish toast idea set off quite a bit of googling and I almost told the cake people to go with "Giorraíonn beirt bóthar" (two people shorten the road), but maybe given their age a short road ain't really that great.

Thanks everyone.
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