Who took these photos? Who owns the rights?
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I am trying to identify the photographer(s) and rights holders for two images of the Zapatista leader Comandanta Ramona.

Image 1

Image 2

We are fairly certain these are from October 1996, when Ramona traveled to Mexico City. The one with Subcomandante Marcos was likely taken in the village of La Realidad in Chiapas, where she started her trip.

So far, I'm coming up empty-handed - can you help, hivemind?
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Well the one with Comandanta Ramona shows up first on this Indymedia site which has a CC license on it which might be helpful.
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Follow up - we've got Image 2 (it's by Oriana Elicabe), but are still working on the first.
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This page seems to say that Image 1 is an AP photo that ran in the New York Times on October 11 (or November 10?), 1996.
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You nailed it, gubo - many thanks.
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