How do I find a group facilitator?
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How do I find a facilitator? I'm looking for someone who can help a group work through some personality conflicts and agree on some on some goals and mission. Whatever I'm searching for is not working.
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Although they usually work through specific conflicts for an agreed upon resolution, what about a mediator?
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I used to work with meeting facilitators. Where are you located? And how are your group members tied together (work related project? Neighborhood association? Nonprofit board members?)?

Some search terms that may take you where you need to go: "consensus building," "meeting facilitation," "graphic recording," "graphic meeting facilitation."
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You could see if someone at the Public Conversations Project or the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation has any resources for finding someone in your area. Also some universities have centers or departments involved in facilitation/dialogue type stuff. Maybe these people can help point you in the right direction?
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In any case looking at those sites will give you more search terms.
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Response by poster: This is a small non-profit and involves board members. We are in New Jersey.
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You might also look for mediation clinics that specialize in working with groups rather tha individuals, but I bet aka burlap is on the right-er track!
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Can you call other nonprofits and see who they have used in the past? That's what we have done.
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Your state nonprofit association probably has lots of resources relevant to your situation, including facilitator recommendations.
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Consider a mediator but bear in mind that may not work if a psychopath is involved, in which case said p'path needs to be fired but will probably be promoted.
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