Accessing old AOL emails on a different computer
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I have been an AOL user for several years. I've had several different computers during that time. Now I can't seem to find old emails.

Could someone please advise where in the file directory I should look for my old AOL emails from '98 - '02? Where is the file located and what would it be called?

Also, having found the file. what AOL app on the '98 - '02 computer would be used to read the emails? Are there any modern apps I can download which I can run on my new '13 laptop to read the contents of my old AOL Personal Filing Cabinet once I've exported the file to a USB?

Thanks for any help with this,
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Here's some information from AOL Help.
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Looks like ePreserver can convert AOL Personal Filing Cabinet mail to newer software.
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And here are some instructions for a free solution if you don't mind using a program written in German...
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Have you tried logging into your mail on and looking in the old mail folder?

I am an aol user from the early 90's and still use aol mail for my main email (don't use their program obviously) and they have an old mail folder that might have all your old mail in it.
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