What's this site where you suggest a question to accompany an image?
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I stumbled across a site a few weeks ago which would put up an image of some sort and ask you to write what question came to your mind. I think the point was just to collect the questions and look at them (but it asked you to make an account before you could see more than a few of the other peoples' questions, and I never did that). I've forgotten where I found it. Does anyone know what site this was?

(Real reason for asking: there was one image that had some designs in a grid, which was probably labelled with integers on both axes, and the key to the pattern that appeared in a particular cell of the grid had to do with the gcd of the two corresponding numbers. It made a neat pattern-decoding exercise, but I can't remember enough of the details to recreate it.)
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Are you perhaps thinking of Jelly?
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Response by poster: No, it's kind of the opposite of that! The site would put up an image and you just typed in whatever question came to mind - like what you might want to ask or you would be curious about. I don't think there was any purpose to it except like a sort of party game where the only point is to put your thing down and then see what everybody else said. It was a fairly slick, modern-looking site, though.
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Best answer: http://www.101qs.com/ ?
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Response by poster: Took me about an hour and I finally resorted to using Google image search because the site doesn't have very good tools for browsing/searching the images, but I found the image I was looking for.
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