Help me identfiy this movie from the late 1960's or early 1970's.
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I saw this movie on television when I was child, but can't remember much about it. As I recall, there was a dark-haired boy who had lost his mother (or parents). I'm guessing that the story is set during a war or some type of tragedy. In the story, accompanied by a woman he doesn't know, they walk amongst rubble of some desert or village. It could have been set in the Middle East, but it was an English language film.
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That reminds me strongly of scenes from Hope and Glory, a WWII-themed film from the UK.
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How about the Aussie film, Walkabout?
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Empire of the Sun? ... but that's 1987
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Unfortunately, it's none of these. Walkabout repeatedly came up in my Google results, but that's not it.
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By any chance is it I Love You Rosa (1972)? It was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film (Israel) but dubbed versions exist.
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Central Station, maybe? It's in Portuguese initially, but maybe an Englsh dub was shown on TV.
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It's not "I Love You Rosa" and Central Station is too current. I believe the boy is the protagonist.
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