Intermittent 404 errors on Wordpress
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I have my own Wordpress blog (hosted on Dreamhost) that's been driving me nuts. Intermittently I get a 404 error when posting or when moving through the admin pages. Simply reloading usually brings up the page. My Wordpress is up to date and so are my plugins. Besides the usual "disable all plugins and re-enable one-by-one" what other debug can I do?

Is this a result of being on shared hosting? Is there a log file that contains any useful information? Is there something on the browser side that might help?

I've searched the Wordpress forums but what I've found points to custom post types as the cause but I'm not using a custom post type. Beyond that nothing useful. I hope I'm not the only one with this issue.
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It sounds like a shared hosting issue to me - possibly the request timing out before the file is served?
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An example URL would help diagnose. I've had puzzling 404 issues that had to do with permalinks settings and .htaccess file details.

If you can describe more about the specifics of what happens, it would help.
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When I was on Dreamhost on a shared server, I would get occasional timeouts and regular page load times greater than several seconds. I left Dreamhost, ported the sites to Webfaction and the problem went away.
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Yes, I'd say load times are the issue. I used to have this problem with a few Wordpress sites on Dreamhost too, but the problem eventually went away.
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Funny this, I just moved my stuff over to, dreamhost took 8 seconds to serve up a normal WP page. Webhostingtalk has a forum where webhosting companies advertise and I was able to get a year of the smallest plan for under $35 (20% off for lifetime). There are also forums to discuss quality and issues with/off various hosting companies. And I used to pay $120/yr to dreamhost.

TL;DR: Yes, I think dreamhost is having trouble these days
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We're saying "404" but 404 means something quite specific. Are you using 404 to indicate any failure to load or do you see "404 missing" or is it another error? There''s a wide range of possible errors. If you open chrome developer tools (or Firebug, or IE's F12 tools) and load, you can actually see the numerical HTTP error.

Do you have any WP caching plugins active?

When you ask the host about it what do they say?
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