Food Delivery for Senior Citizen
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I would like to start some kind of "healthy" food delivery service for my mom in NC - near Jacksonville. She is 82 and lives by herslef and doesn't always eat the best. She has some friends around that will take her to the store and she can cook for herself but she really tends to be very frugal and not spend alot on food. Because of that I don't think she really eats the best. She was just in the hospital for a very bad bout of stomach virus (maybe complicated by food poisioning - not sure). She is coming home today and will have someone going to the grocery store for her to do the basic shopping. I would love to find a business that I could order from - either locally or nationally that I could supplement her with some healthy pre-prepared or almost pre-prepared foods. Not worried about cost but we don't need lobster from Maine either. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating is always advertising on the radio where I live. A quick check shows no local franchise in NC but there's a national delivery service that will ship frozen meals for $249 or $267 per week (21 meals). They also have 9 and 12 meal plans.
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Would you consider signing her up for Meals on Wheels? That'd be only one meal a day, but it'd be one healthy meal, plus of course some human contact.
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You could look into signing her up with a Personal Chef. It's not just for the rich and famous.

Or you might try to find someone on Craigslist. Or is she a member of a church? Maybe the church could hook you up with someone who would do this as a dedicated service to your mom (as opposed to just dropping off casseroles). Or, maybe some of her friends would participate in Meal Train for her.

Best of luck.
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Dinewise has a special menu for Senior Citizens.

We sent my late MIL a Dinewise package for Christmas a couple years ago, and she loved it. Very delicious meals that only need to be microwaved. :)
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Schwan's will do delivery to Jacksonville, NC.
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States usually have a Board On Aging program that's designed to provide local referrals for all types of senior services.

Here is the link for North Carolina.

Here is senior center information in your desired location, I am sure they can provide you with recommendations:

Onslow Senior Services
4022 Richlands Highway
Jacksonville, NC 28540
Contact Person: Christine Kinnett
Telephone : (910) 455-2747
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Blue Apron isn't pre-prepared, but it is pre-portioned. I used it once on a Groupon deal. I have very minimal cooking skills, but I successfully made everything in there.
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