Car insurance estimate without having to enter SSN.. see inside
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Greetings. 16 year old daughter is completing an assignment for Economics and she needs an insurance quote for a 22 year old female who lives in a smallish city (Baltimore) for a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. She was gonna enter her SSN in an insurance site and say she is 22. I told her (for obvious reasons) no... but we can't find a site which will give us a quote without one. Suggestions?
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I would make up an SS# even IF I wanted the quote legit because I don't give that info out for free.

Just make up a name/address/SSN.

You could call a company like AAA directly and ask for a quote instead of going online.
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A google search for "anonymous car insurance quote" got me here:, so one suspects you can do it on The General.
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Yeah, call, and just say "I'm calling around for quotes." They will ask, just tell them you don't give that out for just a quote.
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Within 2 answers! Thanks all! It's all in how you Google it which I obviously failed at.
posted by brownrd at 6:19 PM on March 4, 2014 was literally designed exactly for the purpose of comparing vehicle insurance quotes without actual personal info. Their pricing estimates tend to be pretty (though not 100%) accurate; they reverse engineer the formula from the rate tables each insurer provides to the state.
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Call the company directly. If pressed for SSN and other such details, I would be honest and say it's for a school project.
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