My lack of paczki is YOUR EMERGENCY
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After a week of vaguely making plans to pre-order and never getting around to it, my Polish boyfriend and I would like to get some paczki in Chicago for Fat Tuesday! However, we couldn't go early in the morning, and we are lame and didn't plan, and now I'm wondering if there are any bakeries in Chicago that will still have paczki in the late afternoon/evening?

I would like to just call around when I get off work but I'm probably going to have to plan my (public transit) route from work and jet there the moment I get off (can't call inside the building, bad signal). I know some paczki-bearing bakeries are still open 'til 7PM or even 9PM, but I have no idea which are likely to have stock. Bonus points if the bakery has rose/prune/apricot/poppyseed/other unique or traditionally Polish flavors (other than the basics, basically).

This is maybe my worst use of AskMe yet. Help a polka out. Traveling from the South Side.
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The very first time I set foot in Dinkel's was on Paczki Day several years back, before I had any idea that it was A Thing. The place was absolutely slammed and it was around 3pm, and I was like "wow, this place must be pretty great to be so packed on a weekday afternoon!"

Anyway, you could try giving them a call. (Or emailing!)
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Whole Foods (in Evanston) had them today when I went, if you're desparate ...
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Can't help with local stuff, but would it be an option to make some yourself? Easier if you make them small. Rose petal jam can be found in little Russian grocery stores if you have trouble locating it.
Or for a simpler recipe, how about faworki? Yummy, and can be dipped in jam! Smacznego!
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If you have a smart phone you can apparently use Uber today to get a dozen paczki for $20 delivered.
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Swedish Bakery had tons left this morning. They're open till 6:30, give them a call. (Also they are stupid good.)
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Try Grubhub. Or even Jewel or Mariano's should have a decent version. We are the Polish capital, after all.
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Our Jewel still had some a couple hours ago.
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