What is this one weird thing?
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This is an image that has been popping up in the dodgy ad links on lots of websites for me lately, with the text "eat this and never diet again". Of course the linked page is selling some herbal diet supplement nonsense and the weird thing isn't described, explained, or otherwise mentioned. So what is it? My best guess is part of the eye of a sea creature or maybe some kind of jellyfish type creature. Any ideas? (Note- the link is to an imgur screenshot of the thing, no dodgy links, promise).
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Best answer: Jellyfish stock photo, info via Know Your Meme.
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I'm guessing it's konnyaku, currently very trendy as a diet food. Konnyaku is a gelatinous substance made from the root of a plant, and it could conceivably be prepared to look like that jellyfish-looking object in your picture.
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Response by poster: Bam, thanks Taz. It's a jellyfish, indeed. I don't want to eat it.
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Just fyi, jellyfish is really delicious and the texture, while unusual, isn't challenging at all. Try a high end Chinese place.
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Best answer: You might also like:
"The irresistible rise of an arguably unstoppable creature"
(self link?)
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Response by poster: I have had jellyfish actually, cold, sliced in ribbons, in a sesame sauce, and it was pretty OK. Had pig lung in spicy peanut sauce at the same meal. I still don't want to eat THAT jellyfish :)
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Oh, so you'll eat cilantro, but freaky eye-membrane helljellyfish ain't good enough for ya??
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