men's wedding band that is not so.... expensive
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After going to a few brick and mortar shops in NYC, we have a bit of sticker shock over how much a simple men's wedding band can cost. We're looking for a 4mm 14k yellow gold half round band size 10. We're hoping to spend under $300. Does anyone know any brick and mortar stores in NYC where we could could find a ring for under this price? Reputable website recommendations are also welcome, but we would prefer to see the ring in person before buying it, if possible.

(If it's a website we would prefer that it ship from within the US as our wedding is coming up in May and we'd like to avoid stress over the timely arrival of the package.)

We have no qualms about it being previously used as long as it is in good condition.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Amazon has this exact ring for $289.
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You might want to check pawn shops. Seriously, I got my wedding band there for something like $75 and they threw in a free cd of New Orleans music, which was icing on the cake.
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I seem to remember paying about that for both our weddings rings in 2007 at Katz's Jewelry in the Diamond District:

I recommend you walk on foot through the Diamond District and just walk into places all down the street. Katz's is just a counter in a big room full of other, similar counters that you can also explore. Be prepared to haggle a little (and be prepared to pay cash) to get the best deal.

Congratulations and good luck!
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The price of gold will seriously limit the price floor for new rings, so I agree that used is probably the way to go.
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I suspect the issue is that the amount of gold in a 4mm men's wedding ring, especially for a size 10, is pretty considerable. I did some price-checking at Brilliant Earth (18k-- I think they might do 14k if you ask though) and their 4mm comfort fit men's ring is over five hundred dollars. Barrio Neal, which does have a storefront in NYC but often requires an order, has the slightly more modern fit Milla Round for $400. I have been to their Philadelphia store and they were very helpful. The Amazon one above looks nice though!

I don't have any exact names, but I suspect that if you were to buy a vintage (or pre-owned, basically) band that the prices would be lower. But that would require more work to find a store with a lot of men's bands. Seconding the Diamond District for a closer-to-wholesale price.
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Walmart $179
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We got a great deal at Costco for a white gold wedding bands. Yellow gold is a titch over your $300 price point.

Mazel Tov~!
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I don't have any suggestions on gold rings for you, but I do encourage you to look at other metals. My husband's band is titanium with a carbon fiber inlay. It looks fantastic and only cost 150$.
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We had our wedding bands custom made by Metalicious on Etsy. She operates out of her apartment/studio in Chelsea (or at least did two years ago), and I picked up the bands in person rather than having her ship them. Simple, on time, high quality, etc. We decided to get married about 6 weeks before "setting a date" to go to city hall and she made the rings in time (with a few weeks to spare) at no extra cost. We went with two palladium bands and it was about $650 including tax.
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I am very happy with mine from iweddingband.
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Yeah, ff it doesn't need to be gold, there are plenty of outlets that sell pretty low-key alternative metal bands out there.

I have a straight titanium wedding band. We bought it here. It's has a great feel and is nigh indestructible. Unless you really examined it, you'd never guess it wasn't white gold. I polish it every couple months, and it looks really nice.
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Pippin Vintage and Doyle & Doyle are also good places to look.
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Agreed that the spot price of gold will put a floor on prices, especially for new ones. It's possible that pawn shops and/or dealers of used jewelry are not as attuned to the price of gold, and so will have lower prices.
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On the website front, I bought my tungsten band off, mostly because it was very inexpensive and seemed likely to last my whole life. It was inexpensive enough that I was ready for an annoying experience, but the service was very good, and I recommend them.
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We got ours from & were happy with the transaction. We got simple gold bands & the quality was very nice. Free engraving & free FedEx shipping. I'm pretty sure we received our order in less than a week.

4mm 14K Gold Wedding Band, Domed and Comfort-Fit - $240

4mm 14K Gold Wedding Band, Domed - $202
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As long as mine LOOKS like it's gold, I'm fine with paying $20 or so at Walmart.
It's going to get scratched, dinged, dirty, wet and maybe even lost at least once during our marriage. I ponied up the big bucks for the engagement ring, so I think I'm good to go there.
Could you be in the same situation?
That's $180 that could be spent on your honeymoon :)
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You can look at - they sell to the trade. This one perhaps? You might have to make an account to see prices (I'm logged in and that one is around $127)
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We got our (third set of) wedding rings on Etsy. Love them. (Ask my husband why we're on our third set.) Lots of options on Etsy, many super affordable.
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Hubby and I got our bands from Fred Meyer Jewelers, and we were very pleased with the entire experience. Price was great, they did a very thorough job fitting us before we ordered (and both out bands fit perfectly when they arrived), and they walked us through wear and care. I almost felt guilty taking up so much of their time with all of my questions, especially since our rings were so inexpensive (we both went with stainless steel for various reasons), but they treated us like we were the most important customer, and weren't at all condescending or at all dismissive, even considering our very small-ticket purchase.

There are of course lots of shape and style options, but Fred Meyer shows several bands that fit your description for under $300.
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I just went through this.

So I looked up wholesalers online and found an online retailer that happened to be located on 47th street, e.g. jewelry central for NYC and a spectacular nightmare under most conditions.

Thing is, this place is six floors up, so it's just an office where they run the web business. If you go up and knock on the door, they give you the wholesale price and you actually get to see the stock and figure out your size.

The business is called Wedding Bands Wholesale (which is why they showed up so high on a cursory web search). Their office is at 62W 47th St, suite 606. Just walk in the building, tell security what you're up to, then go up and knock on the door. They might be surprised that you're there, but they'll be friendly.

I can't say they're the best or anything since they were really the first and only place we went, but they had what we wanted at a fine price. Just above 200.

One thing: when I asked to try on rings, they defaulted to the heavier, more expensive weight. The lighter weights are cheaper, and it only occurred to me afterwards that there was another choice. So ask. In the grand scheme of things, not the worst stunt for them to pull, but worth noting.
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